Micro Mining Has The Ability To Generate Passive Income
Micro mining has the ability to generate passive income, recurring income in both fiat and crypto. There are many non-obvious advantages to micro mining of cryptocurrencies such as:
  • Extra income to pay all monthly expenses for users
  • Savings can now be established
  • Investments can now be allocated
  • Better credit ratings can now be maintained
  • Homes can now be purchased and maintained for each generation
  • New businesses can now be financed
  • Companies can now post higher earnings which were once in the red
  • Cash Flow Positive Status for startups
  • Sustainable growth
  • Reduction in crimes
  • Reduction in welfare
  • Reduction in defaults
  • Better funding of charitable organizations
  • Less need for government spending
  • Encourages more entrepreneurs to innovate technologies that reduce human labor
  • Cleaning up the ecology
  • Recycling Profitably
  • Creating opportunities worldwide for innovation towards rapid economic growth
  • PlatinumO2 the official token of MMP mining devices will go from proof of stake to proof of work using the Litecoin protocol of 500 mil tokens in the near future for MMP mining devices only
  • Eliminates the need for abandoning proof of work based on the energy consumption problem
  • Contributes to a sustainable crypto eco system
  • More and more people and companies will choose to become micro miners via MMP Technologies
  • ​
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